Gaia Vezzosi


About Me

I am born in Milan, Italy, in 1983. I currently live in Madrid.

Since childhood I have always been interested in history, culture, arts, theater, and in particular dance to which I am fortunate enough to devote myself professionally since I was 17 years old.

Because of my profession I have traveled a lot and have seen many countries and cultures, but Spain has always had a special place in my heart.

Contacts with this land began in 2000 until in 2007, I decided to move to Madrid following my intuition, my heart and my passion.

Spain offered me much more than the realization of a dream and was the birthplace of my awakening.

2012 was a very important and decisive year for me: since January, my Self began to awaken. The changes were profound and after an intense work of acceptance and unconditional love I tuned in the state of consciousness that allows me to flow into my reality with love, in perfect connection with my being and my truth, projecting a world aligned with my essence.

Since childhood I spent hours looking at the stars, maps of the universe, constellations, and now I know why.

This I am, Gaia Vezzosi, a being who always loved to dance, write and talk about stars and keep doing the same in the years to come.


Or Is Ra Master

Waking up, I began to remember and, after attending a course of Akashic Records, my veil began to unravel.
I remembered my mission, my purpose in life and I came to perform tasks at this time on planet earth.
2012 was the year I decided to awaken, activate myself, to recognize and accept my mission.
For Gaia Vezzosi this was relatively new, but my soul works with the OR IS RA for a very long time, together with multidimensional beings.
I incarnate the OR IS RA on Earth: I am its gateway and the portal anchoring frequency Soria’s channel.

So from my essence, my memories and my heart, I offer this wonderful instrument of transformation and evolution, available to all who resonate with this special knowledge.
I remind you that for you this is not something new: humanity has already experienced it before and is written in its Akashic records.

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