Book I

On the 18th October 2012 the first issue of OR IS RA is received and in May 2013 is published

“OR IS RA, the teaching of Isis and the return of the RA."

The central theme of the book is the RA via the RA- activation method. It is the first step proposed by this teaching for transformation and adaptation of the human being’s light body to the new frequencies that are currently being anchored on the earth.

This method is applied in workshops and individual sessions RA- activation.

Due to its energy geometric structure, the book anchors the frequency of Soria.

It is through the Canal de Soria that all information regarding the OR IS RA is being channeled.

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On October 31th 2013 the third installment of OR IS RA is being received and in November 2014 the “OR IS RA, the Eye of Ra and the return of Alpha Christ” in being published.

The central argument of this second book is the activation of the eye of RA, the geometric energy structure that allows anchoring the frequency of Alpha Christ in the light body of the human being thanks to the deep connection of being with  held Sacred Divinity (RA).

The Alpha Christ  is the original Christ energy from the Alpha Channel, which was anchored and used on Earth, in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and represents the real engine of the Ascension:  like a balm of light that transforms, lighten, subtlety and elevates the material.

After the RA-activation, the Alpha Christ is the second stage proposed by the OR IS RA on behalf of the transformation, adaptation and mutation of the energetic structure of the human being so that body and consciousness  walk together to the New Time.

We return to be pillars of Christ on the planet earth.

 Book II

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